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One pissed off Sports Nut

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Here we go, America. Enjoy this.
My feelings on the sports scene in D.C., btw. So you know…LMAO


A new start, for an OLD name

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Even though I had to redesign the web address, this is still the old WP blog of the same name.
But, just in case you’re confused…let me explain:
Back in October of 2008, I discovered this little site called FanNation. So, since I live 2 hours from our nation’s capital, I decided to use the handle of D.C. Sports Nut on there. (And I liked it so much, I used it elsewhere…including YouTube.)
So that’s why this WP blog is named the way it is. And so as not to confuse people, there’s a similar title on where I write about sports…that is, when I get around to going there.
Anyway, to tide you all over for the next time I write here…some pictures of yours truly:

     (Hey, I tried. LMFAO)

Written by gonastynats

May 31, 2011 at 10:31 PM

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