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“Social” media, sports and hypocrisy…what’s wrong with THIS picture?

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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little late on this topic, I admit. I tried to write this last night (via my phone app), but no go. So…

It’s been 4 days since the Capitals won Game 7 of their 1st round series against the Bruins. Meaning it’s been 4 days since Joel Ward was subjected to such a vicious attack on his character (not to mention his color) on Twitter.

First–for the benefit of Boston sports fans–a history lesson, followed by the hypocrisy of it all.

The NEW backup for the Caps?


Does the name Willie O”Ree mean anything to you, Boston? Just in case it slipped your collective memories, I’ll refresh ’em for you:

Willie O’Ree, in 1958…April of that year, some 6 weeks before I showed up on this planet…was called up by the (wait for it) Boston Bruins!! In doing this, the NHL became integrated. Now, what happened next in Boston ties into the point I’m making.

In the mid ’70s, a federal judge there ordered that black schoolchildren were to be bussed into the neighborhoods of South Boston…lily-white South Boston, I might add. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well. I’m willing to bet, to this day there are still people there with racist attitudes over this.

Which leads me back to last week, and Twitter.


Ward (Photo credit: clydeorama)

To think that the assholes responsible for cyber-assaulting Joel Ward could be the descendents of these South Boston racists of the mid-’70s…is not that far beyond the realm. Notice I said “could”, NOT “are”. Keep that in mind.

It’s just I find it ironically hypocritical, that the fan base of the team that intergrated the NHL chose to inject racism into a Stanley Cup playoff game. Now, I’m the first one to tell you not ALL Bruins fans are like these skinhead bozos…just as not all Redskins fans are drunken boozehounds. (Believe me, I saw enough of that back when my brother had season tix to the Skins.)

It’s hypocritical to claim the moral high ground when it’s your OWN fan base behaving like assholes. (Witness the idiot who mooned Bryce Harperat the plate Saturday night at Dodger Stadium when he got his 1st hit as a National.) Every team, whether it’s high school/college/pro, has them. And I was glad to see tweets from normal Boston fans who denounced those bums.

Chimera and Ward Celebrate

Chimera and Ward Celebrate (Photo credit: clydeorama)

Thankfully I haven’t seen this type of shit go on as the 2nd round of the playoffs got underway on Saturday night at MSG. Still, it might take the Caps doing to the Rangers what the Bruins saw happen to them to set somebody off.

You never know. Anyway, if you want to find me across the social media universe, here are the other places I inhabit:

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There’s a mistake made here by SOMEBODY…but who?

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Simeon Varlamov plays goalie for the Washingto...

Image via Wikipedia

     So now I find out today Semyon Varlamov–who we Caps fans all thoughtwas the future in goal–is no longer a Cap.

Alas, no longer the future in goal for the Caps...

     Instead, he’s been traded to Colorado for a 1st-round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft and a 2nd-rounder in either 2012 or ’13. Now the question is, WHO fucked this up? Varly, or the Caps?

     Regardless, it now appears Michal Neuwirth is here to stay in Washington…at least for now, anyway.

The NEW backup for the Caps?

     And that Braden Holtby will back him up. (Holtby’s pic, btw, is also on my new Caps blog–for Blogger–so now you know…lol)

     Now there’s no telling what’ll happen between now and the start of the season. Your guess is as good as mine…LMAO

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