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It’s (not) good to be “King”

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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

     So there you have it. “King” LeBron James proved last night, that it doesn’t make a shit whether it’s Cleveland or Miami–he won’t EVER win a NBA title!!

     At first I didn’t give a rat’s ass about watching the NBA Finals. But then I flip on ESPN2, and they’re putting up tweets about how “King” LeBron is fucking up. So, off to ABC to watch the last 5+ minutes of Game 6.

     Say what you want about Dirk Nowitzki, but the bastard’s committed to wanting to win. He showed that last night…although I’m troubled by his heading for the locker room before the final buzzer. (Granted, he came out for the trophy presentation…and weren’t we all waiting for the look on David Stern‘s face if he were to hand the trophy to Mark Cuban, given Cuban’s track record??)

     Anyway, we were talking about “King” LeBron, weren’t we?

     I can only guess how the sports yack radio universe in Miami went off after the game. Yeah, LeBron’s a motherfucker, ain’t he? And what was up with having Dwyane Wade sitting next to him at the postgame press conference? (Especially when somebody posed the “choke” question to LBJ…and D-Wade had it handed off to him? You that much of a pussy, LeBron?)

     Hey, (city of) Miami, you wanted him there. DEAL WITH IT!!

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