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Mea culpa. There, I’ve said it.

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I apologize. Profusely.
I couldn’t understand the whole “Lin-sanity” deal surrounding Jeremy Lin of the Knicks. It looked (to me, anyway) like the NBA hype machine was working overtime.
After watching the highlights of the Knicks game, I need to shut the fuck up.
10 points…but 13 assists tonight!!
I am convinced this is, without question, the most UN-selfish player I’ve ever seen. He knows his role, and shuts his mouth (to quote Dwayne Johnson, aka “the Rock”).
What I’m saying is, I totally get it now. I’m all in on the “Linsanity” deal.
Trust me, this post shows up on Twitter…so you can read this for yourselves.

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Written by gonastynats

February 15, 2012 at 10:48 PM

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