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Football’s back? Oh, shit.

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The Washington Redskins and New York Giants fa...

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     And here I thought we were going to have NO pro football this year. Lousy bastards…LMMFAO

     But lo and behold, the NFL owners and players decided to fuck with my mind and settle everything. Wonderful. Anything to detract from Dan Snyder‘s (ongoing) snit fit with the Washington City Paper over a article painting the “Prima Danna” in an unflattering light…lol

     Like any of you give a shit.

     Anyway, back to football…namely, just what the fuck the Redskins will do as concerns a multitude of issues. Like, for one, at what point Donovan McNabb gets shown the door (to make way for…John Beck?? What bulshit is this?).

     For another, when will the fat turd Albert Haynesworth save us Skins fans the humiliation and leave?

     But more importantly, will we Skins fans actually see a REAL product on the field this year? Or do we suffer yet another from “Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumbass” (aka Mike and Kyle Shanahan; take your pick who’s who)?

     Speaking of dumbass moves…take a look at this picture.

     The seating in the upper deck in this pic…is no more. That’s right, Dan Snyder decided to take out the seating in the upper deck(s) at both ends of FedEx Field–and replace them with “patio”-type seating. THIS is “fan-friendly”, you fucking shitbrain?

     How about putting a fucking product on the field, Danny?? Any of this sinking in?? Any of it??

     Shit, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this blog, to be honest. But it gives me a place to vent. After all, the title says “Musings…”, and that’s what I’m doing here.


     A short note:

     Even though I have a baseball-oriented blog through WordPress (you can find it here), I’ll be discontinuing it once the season ends. So many other MLBloggers have already done so (or will soon), ever since the transition from Movable Type to WP.

     I found out today yet one more is giving up the ghost and moving it to Blogspot. What happened in my case, is that when decided to make this move they locked in the name of my blog in the process (meaning, the username became “mlblogsgonastynats”).

     Never mind I already had WP blogs to start with (transitioning from Windows Live Space). Motherfuckers fucked me up bad…ARRRRRGH!!

     Bottom line is, this blog and another of mine stay put. The MLBlogs entry goes away in a few months. I may just move the gig to Blogger (where I already have a Caps-oriented blog); I’m not sure yet. But I’ll let people know…soon.

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