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Donald Sterling, Adam Silver, and us all.

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Thought I’d go ahead & share this. Haven’t read it; let me know how this turns out…lol


So I wanted to break my hiatus to share my thoughts on the whole Donald Sterling fiasco. There are five main points that I want to touch upon:

1)      I agree with Silver’s actions. The NBA is sending a message, and it was important that it was severe.

2)      I would be surprised if Sterling was the only racist in the league.

3)      As this is the cause of the moment, it has become politically correct to ostracize Donald Sterling. If someone is asked their opinion on this situation, a lot of people will probably condemn his actions just so they don’t appear racist. Anyone who publicly supports Donald Sterling might appear racist, and no one wants to appear racist, even if they are. Even Donald Sterling, when speaking to his girlfriend said it’s ok to love African Americans you just have to do so privately. So for him, it’s…

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April 29, 2014 at 8:55 PM

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