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When’s the last time you saw the Wizards finish above .500…and Michael Jordan wasn’t wearing a Wizards uniform?


Yeah, I know. Blows one’s mind, don’t it? But they’re in the playoffs. Finally, Ted Leonsis made good on his promise to fix the basketball side of his empire.


Build a supporting cast around John Wall, and good things will happen. How deep the Wizards go, is anybody’s guess.
But it’ll be fun to watch…unlike the Caps.


Kinda sums up our feelings towards this season, don’t it? LMAO
(I actually have a Caps-oriented blog on Blogger, but I’ll continue on with this…lol)
Anyway, this has been a disappointment for us Caps fans. My take on this, is George McPhee needs to be fired as GM. Keep Adam Oates, but McPhee goes. Plain and simple.


Also, find the dead weight on this team and cut it. See who’s down at Hershey, who’s NHL-ready, and give them a chance to make an impact on the team.


Guess that’s it. Hope you enjoy reading this…lol

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Written by gonastynats

April 15, 2014 at 5:39 PM

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