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It’s hard to enjoy this…

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Since I’ve linked this blog (as well as my Nats blog on Blogger) to a new site where it should have more people reading…this particular entry is a test of sorts.
So, might as well get some use out of this…lol


Well, that ought to get people to notice. Just shows how much we Skins fans flat-out despise those shitholes from Dallas…LMAO


God, I love these pictures. And to think they signed Tony Romo to a contract extension…for what? Fricking choke artist, is what he is.


As opposed to our new savior in burgundy & gold…one Robert Griffin III. (Okay, I know you all want to point out the Seattle game in the playoffs. Fine. I don’t care.)
Anyway, I for one would rather that RGIII wait until maybe Week 3 before stepping onto the field to start his season. But, who knows?
Just so we can see a 2013 version of this:


So much fun to stick the shiv in deeper to those Cowturd/Iggles “fans”…lol
Now to just get the Wizards fixed up right…


But, that’s for another day.

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May 25, 2013 at 8:11 PM

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