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Requests…I get requests…

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Amazing, what my YouTube “posse” asks of me sometimes…lol
So, since my “homie” Dre (you can find him here…and here) begged me for this, here is the written edition.
But first, an explanation…


As should be fairly obvious, we DC sports fans simply abhor the arrogant assclowns from Philadelphia. (Booing Santa gets you that label. Duh.) I could go on ad nauseum, but you get the picture.
So, what started this was some dumbass from Philly prattled on about how the Phillies had won 4 straight NL East titles–that is, until last season.


Whereupon I used the phrase “Philly cunt”…and used this little smiley: 😛
Oh, and the word “fucktard” to describe Philly fans in general.
You would’ve thought I’d just flown a jetliner into the World Trade Center, judging from the reactions from my timeline on Twitter.


Yeah, that picture sums up the reactions from these Philly blowjobs…lol
I don’t apologize for this, people. (The above picture, or my opinions on sports fans outside the DC area.)
But this got me thinking. So, here is our view of the totem pole that is the American sports fan(s) as it relates to DC sports fans.
We absolutely despise: Cowturd/Penguins/(overall) Philly sports fans.
We have animosity for: (overall) Philly sports fans/(baseball) Cardinals/Braves fans.
We have tolerance for: NY sports/Pirates/Steelers/Hurricanes/Lightning fans.
Everybody else…we leave alone. I think that covers everything…lol


So, I hope my homie Dre’s happy with this piece. It ain’t a YouTube vid, like he wanted…but it’ll do.
Meanwhile, hit me up here if you like (or not like) this.




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April 7, 2013 at 6:16 PM

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