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Hell of a (sports) year in D.C., ain’t it been?

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As I write this, we’re about an hour away from the Sunday night game involving the Redskins and the fucking Cowturds…for the winner, the NFC East title; the loser goes home. Period.
(So you’ll allow me to state the obvious here…HTTR!!)


And also, the reason the Skins are even in this in the first place…


When I said back in April that Robert Griffin III was the savior of this Redskins franchise, some people laughed at my ass. Who’s laughing now, clowns?
But this is just how the sports year has been in the D.C. area in 2012. The other big story…well, let this next picture give you a hint:


Yeah, I know. It’s overkill for some of you, seeing Bryce Harper like this. But, he’s just part of the story that is the 2012 Nationals.


So is Michael Morse. So is Jayson Werth. So’s Adam LaRoche.


But, what everyone chose to obsess on the entire season…was the whole Stephen Strasburg “shutdown” non-story. I won’t bore you all with this bullshit again, so let me move on…
I predicted before the season the Nats would go 85-77 (and finish 3rd in the NL East). Boy, was I surprised!!


Winning the division was a surprise, really. Watching Drew Storen have a meltdown in Game 5 of the NLDS was a nightmare for Nats fans.
(Then again, Teddy finally winning a President’s Race was a shock, too…lol)


At any rate, we’ve shut everybody up as to the real power in the NL East now. Next year, a World Series in D.C.—just like I said 5 yrs ago, when I began my Nats blog (first for MLBlogs, and now for Blogger).
Now, the bad part(s)…
The Wizards I won’t go into, and until the fucking NHL lockout is settled the Caps can wait.


But all in all, it was fun to enjoy baseball and football in the DMV this year…and as I said at the start of this entry, we ain’t done with the Skins YET!!


So with that, Happy New Year people!!



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