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Yes, it’s Wednesday.
The Nationals’ season ended last Friday night.
No, I didn’t do this…though it would’ve been a good idea at the time:


I’ve just been trying to sort out just what the fuck happened.
The night started off so well, with Bryce Harper & Ryan Zimmerman helping the Nats get off to a 6-0 lead. Up until the top of the 7th, no one panicked.
This next story is true. At the bar I was at Friday night, when Edwin Jackson took to the mound, a fellow Nats fan…wearing (I shit you not) a “Don’t Be a Clown, Bro!” T-shirt…put his head in his hands. If only I paid attention…
At any rate, we were all fine. That is, right up to the point where Drew Storen began to melt down. As the Cardinals start thinking…we have a chance?


Sadly, because of Drew…and Ian Desmond…they did. Thus, what had been an early 6-0 lead for the Nats…became instead a 9-7 Cardinals win.
And I’m left with this entry…the last one in my “sharing” format with Google+/Twitter/Blogger. Since none of you bothered to follow the links, I stop as of now. However…
If you still want to see what Friday night was like, there are a pair of videos…made w/my cellphone camera…on my YouTube channel. (The 2nd one is from when I got home, and is a postmortem to the game/night.)
So there it is. No Natitude till spring training.



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