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I don’t have the words to say at this time, to describe what I’m feeling.
I’m still in shock…and it’s been 40+ minutes since Game 4 of the NLDS ended.
Jayson Werth has officially become a sports god in DC, by depositing a ball into the LF bullpen to win it for the Nationals by a 2-1 score over the Cardinals.


But, if Ian Desmond doesn’t make the catch of his life in the top of the 9th, this blog entry doesn’t happen. So yeah, this is why I waited 34 fucking years for baseball to come back to Washington!!


But damn it, I missed Frank Howard throwing out the 1st pitch today. I keep hoping they’ll bring in Del Unser to do it tomorrow night for Game 5.
(I have a selfish reason for it. He’s the guy who coined the phrase “GO NASTY NATS!!”…which is why my Twitter account is called what it is.)


Ross Detwiler started this game…


and Drew Storen ended it. Along the way, Jordan Zimmermann and Tyler Clippard struck out 6 out of 7 Cardinals…a walk w/2 out in the 8th in-between.
Now, I just hope my cell phone holds up. Because I won’t be home; I need to be in a bar for Game 5. No joke.



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