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Turdpile of a game

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Take a good look at this picture.


This is from the last Senators game on 9/30/71…and lifted by me from a story on Blogger a few years ago about that game.
(For the record, the Senators actually led the Yankees 5-2 in the top of the 9th when the crowd stormed the field. Thus, a 9-0 forfeit win for the Bombers.)
Okay. The reason for the picture? Just this…
The Nats raped their fans today, in much the same way Bob Short (and Calvin Griffith before him) raped Senators fans in moving to Minnesota/Texas, by showing 45,017 people that they’re still the Jeffrey Loria-era Expos.
Let’s face it, the Cardinals came to Nats Park today to play. As for the Nats…at least when the French bent over for Hitler in 1940, it was par for the course.


And already on Twitter Cards tweeps are baiting us Nats fans. But unlike Philly/Braves “fans” who troll there, I’m not falling into that trap.
There’s still 2 games for the Nats to win…or one more to lose. Either way, I won’t scream bloody murder.


I’ll just stop this sharefest I’ve been doing…meaning, putting these blog entries onto Twitter/Google+/Blogger. Once the Nats’ season ends, so does this.
This WordPress blog was meant for non-baseball sports blogging, anyway. Like…




Well…you get the point.
And now that you do



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October 10, 2012 at 4:05 PM

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