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Good thing I waited…

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I had planned on writing an entry before Game 2 today…on my computer, and not my phone. But, issues cropped up.
Lucky me...LOL
After what I saw today, the next picture would seem so appropriate for Nats fans:


First Gio Gonzalez, and today Jordan Zimmermann. Back-to-back 2nd inning meltdowns. But unlike yesterday, no Tyler Moore to the rescue.
I actually said this on Twitter during the game…”Can they build a scale model of Auschwitz? Because there’s a lot of Nats fans ready to march into the ovens after tonight.
(Hey, it ain’t slow-pitch I do on there…LOL)
It’s not so much the lack of effort I saw today that frustrates me…as having to endure the blatant bias on the part of Dick Stockton and Bob Brenly (working this series for TBS).
Here’s what I mean. When Jon Jay made the catch in the top of the 8th to rob Danny Espinosa of extra bases, you’d think Dick was re-enacting the Carlton Fisk HR in the ’75 World Series (which, btw, he did call…for NBC Sports).
But when Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche hit back-to-back homes in the 7th…NO emotion.
THAT pisses me off to no end. Thankfully, the MLB Network has Game 3 on Wednesday. Alas, TBS has Game 4 on Thursday.
No matter. The home crowd will help the Nats back to…


Just the thought of 35,000+ people all in unison singing A-ha’s “Take On Me” as Michael Morse steps up to the plate…I will tell you, does have an effect. (On me, anyway…)


Onward and upward…

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