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I admit I wanted the Cardinals to win this wild card “play-in” game tonight. Just so this NLDS with the Nats would be watchable for (at least) 5 games.
So why do I feel like shit?
Blame…the umpires.
Because, for starters, the home plate ump clearly botched a clear strike three on Cody Ross of the Braves…on account of giving time out while the pitcher was already in his delivery!!!
Next pitch, in the LF seats. 2-0 Atlanta. But, then the Braves began to do their best impersonation of the Cubs/Mets and fucked up in the field.


At any rate, the final was 6-3 Cards. I’m telling you this now, because this game goes down in infamy for the LF umpire misinterpreting the infield fly rule.
By having a shortstop catch a ball…in short left field!! Thus leading to a 19 minute delay as Braves fans showed their true colors.
By throwing garbage on the field.
10-Cent Beer Night in Cleveland…Disco Demolition Night at (old) Comiskey Park in Chicago…shit, even the last Senators game in ’71 all pale in comparison to this obscenity tonight in Atlanta.


Regardless of your opinion of Chipper Jones, he didn’t deserve to have his career end under these circumstances. For a moment I thought the game would end in a forfeit (like the incidents I mentioned).
Shit, Fredi Gonzalez decided he’d file a protest…denied, I understand, during the delay!!
All I can tell you is this: if this umpiring crew works the Nats’ series starting Sunday…


…the above-mentioned picture says it all!!
Retweet this blog; +1 it on Google Plus; do what you can to spread the word. Tonight, the joy has been taken out of the MLB postseason…by assholes masquerading as umpires.



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