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A few words on last night…

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As I watch the Triple-A All-Star Game on MLB Network…so I can see Corey Brown representing the Syracuse Chiefs (the Nats’ AAA team)…my mind wanders back to lastnight.

2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meaning, the MLB All-Star Game. Look, for the record, no one will even care about the final score (8-0 NL). Instead, it’ll be about the plays in the field.
Which brings me to…


…these guys, and social media. I have more than a few observations on this, so grab hold of something.
This may take a while
1) All right, so Bryce Harper lost a ball in the lights and got caught in a rundown. Everybody has done it at one time or another. But it just seemed (to me, anyway) that Twitter Nation obsessed sadistically over this.


People, it’s the All-Star Game...not a fucking Senate confirmation hearing. How many hate tweets were there when Mike Trout screwed up in the OF?
Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Mike Trout

Mike Trout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2) While I’m on the topic, how many other hate tweets on other players were any of you reading? There should be a fucking moratorium on this shit during the All-Star break, to be honest with you.
(Except I would’ve loved for Matt Wieters or Adam Jones to just smack a ball back upside Cole Hamels’ head, as payback for this douche drilling Bryce earlier this year and bragging about it…LMMFAO)


3) The crowd in Kansas City got it, when they cheered Chipper Jones. That’s class, ladies and gentlemen. Also, nice of Chipper to basically pass the torch to Bryce, Mike Trout, etc. after the game. He gets it.
Shit, I hate to admit it…but I’m gonna miss the dude when he retires at the end of the season. Once upon a time, he was the standard at 3B. And how I would love for someone to say that about Ryan Zimmerman when he decides to hang ’em up…which ain’t gonna be for quite some time yet!!


OK, gang, I’m done ranting here. Now to get back to the game…lol
Oh yeah, I have to troll for followers to my Nats blog. I only have one person following it…and he’s a Mets fan!! I need more people to read my shit.


Okay, now I’m done.



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