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48 hours after getting back from Boston, and I finally get around to writing about it. Better late than never, to be honest…
So, where do I begin?
As I said in the last blog here, this trip was on my brother Larry’s “bucket list” before he retires from the government in January.


(To refresh your memory, he’s in the middle; I’m on the right.)
Anyway, I woke up at 2:00 Friday morning to be ready to leave at 4 in order to get to Union Station in DC by 7…so that we could get onboard the train when it left at 7:30. Got all that?
So it took 7+ hours to get to Boston, which meant lots and lots of tweeting on my part…lol…and snapping this pic of the NYC skyline.


(You try this on a moving train, and see where it gets you…lol)
Back to our story. We got to the Boston South station around 3:30, and had to use the subway system there. I now totally sympathize with the old Kingston Trio song about the MTA…you know, the guy trapped because he didn’t have money for fare to get off the fucker?
(Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, the “T” in Boston leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. I shit you not.)
God, I hate being sidetracked by this. To continue…got to the Fenway Howard Johnson’s past 4, napped out, and headed off to Fenway Park for the game.


The next few pics I took before the game.


That’s the Green Monster. Duh…lol


Centerfield scoreboard. Next, the board in left center field, w/the night’s match…


(Yes, kiddies, Strasmas Comes To Fenway.) This next one’s of him on the mound in the bottom of the 1st:


And yes, this was zoomed in all the way. You just have to take my word for it…LMAO
The game itself was interesting. Aw, who am I bullshitting? Strasburg w/13 K’s; Bryce Harper going deep; Xavier Nady’s HR-robbing catch in RF…this was one fantastic night!


(Picture from before the game, btw.)
The final score was 7-4 Nats. But that didn’t matter…just being in Fenway was enough of a thrill for the both of us.
Saturday, we got on the train to go home. I made it back here to Luray a little close to 7:30, so we got to listen to the game on the radio coming back. Another curly “W” in the books, thanks to Gio Gonzalez’s pitching.
And then Sunday, Roger Bernadina (and Bryce, who didn’t start the game) made it a sweep. Great that there was a strong Nats contingent (besides us) that made the trip up to Boston for the weekend.
So, I got to see Fenway Park…for the only time, I’m afraid. At least I’ll be able to tell people I’ve been there. It was worth forking over $200 to my brother for this.
(As I’m writing this, Adam LaRoche just parked one in the second deck in RF at Toronto to put the Nats up 4-1 w/2 out in the top of the 3rd. Motherfucker, this is GOOD!!)


I’m done here…

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