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It won’t be long NOW…

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It’s 1:40 on Thursday afternoon as I’m writing this, with no score between the Nats and Mets after 2 1/2 innings.
At this time tomorrow, I should be somewhere between New Haven and Providence en route to Boston to see the Nats take on the Red Sox that night.
Well, me and this douchebag:


My brother Larry. (He’s in the middle, w/me on the right.) Don’t sweat this, people; he doesn’t know I write this blog…lol
Anyway, back to my point.
Before he retires from the government in January, he wanted to see Fenway Park…and talked me into going along. (Willingly, I might add.) I figured I may never do this myself, so at least I’ll be able to say I saw a Red Sox game once in my lifetime.
Oh, did I neglect to mention who’ll be pitching for the Nats tomorrow night?


Shows you what a rainout can do to have this fall into your lap…lol
First place Nats…man, that sounds so fucking good to say!!


So anyway, back to the trip…
Having to leave here close to 4 am is a bitch, I admit. Being trapped for 40+ hours w/my brother, would almost make me beg for a one-way ticket to Auschwitz…


But like I said before, it’s worth it…all $200 of it. (That’s what I gotta hand over to him to pay for all this. Subway[s] rides, Amtrak ride, hotel room…motherfucker!!)
With any luck, I’ll try to write about this on my Nats blog (…so try and follow that one, okay? Here’s some other places I write:
And, in case you want to follow me on Twitter: @gonastynats (Bro’s is @brocave1, btw).


That’s all, people…


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  2. If you’re serious about writing for this blog, you need to understand I deal with sports here. Otherwise, it’s no deal. NO spamming here.


    June 25, 2012 at 3:38 PM

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