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English: Drew Brees warming up in Wembley Stad...

Steve Czaban, who used to work at ESPN 980 in D.C. (before Dan Snyder fired him), is tweeting this:
“RT @czabe I’m 50x more pissed off the Saints are penny pinching Brees than I am about Pay4Slay. 10 teams ready to give Brees 20m per. Let us at him!”
You’re serious about this, Czabe? You want Drew Brees here:


Should I assume this would be if Peyton Manning does not wish to wear Burgundy and Gold?


I mean I have respect for you and all, Czabe, but…just what the hell are you smoking? There’s a reason that seal is laughing, you know.
You yourself have pointed out over the years how the “Prima Danna” has turned this once proud franchise into an obscenity. And you seriously believe the Redskins should take a stab at Drew Brees?
Yeah, rightimage

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