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I’m taking this break from watching the Caps game, to let you know I’ll be taking a trip come June.
To of all places…Boston.
Now normally I would put this on my Nats blog (on Blogger), but I figured I’d try and drum up interest in this blog. So…


Here with a picture of me (on the right) with my brother Larry (center) at Nats Park in July of 2010.
The guy on the left is Larry’s buddy Charles Pannuzzio, who’s the assistant managing editor of the Northern Virginia Daily (in…I shit you not…Strasburg, VA). These two go on trips together for baseball/hockey/what have you.


Charles’ friend Steve is in this picture between us. It’s his camera where these pics came from.
Anyway, details on our trip to come in the future. (By “our”, it’s Larry and me. I should’ve said that at the outset…lol)


I promise I will let everyone know.

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February 25, 2012 at 8:35 PM

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